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Humanitarian Action

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SMALL HOUSE FOR BIG PEOPLE - Provide appropriate home for persons with autism

  Humanitarian action will be carried out through a series of events, the central event is a charity concert "SMALL HOUSE FOR BIG PEOPLE" to be held on 27.02.2013. in "Drazen Petrovic" popular "Cibona."
"Initiate action we want to ensure adaptation of living space for emergency accommodation in the community of life of adults with autism. Current state of the wards is inappropriate to the needs of adults with autism and does not meet the minimum legal standards, which can lead to serious problems in regulating the activity of the center." Funds raised are intended action adaptation of existing housing in Dubrava, which is owned by the city. For the successful implementation of adaptation actions and 1000 square meters of space is necessary to raise funds in the amount of 200.000 €.
Action SMALL HOUSE FOR BIG PEOPLE - Provide suitable home for people with autism "today endorsed Mayor of Zagreb Milan Bandic and President of the City of Zagreb, Mr. Davor Bernardic under whose auspices the action takes place.
22"The concert will be adapted to all units, and the money that we gather up the concert will be used for equipment. Anyway we can solve it by February that people can live a normal life. Centre wish a lot of luck in order to gather the necessary funds at a charity concert 27.02.2013." said Mr. Mayor Milan Bandic.
45Co-organizer of the action is the Council GC Dubrava. Representatives of the Association of "Rain Man" and the Center for Autism guests were acquainted with the situation and the problems presented and planned activities.

6789"When you come here it breaks your heart when you see how these people live. Need to unite and help them. Thank everyone for Christmas every year donate toys and supplies to the autism life has made it better," he said in his speech, Mr. Davor Bernardic.
1011There have been a number of smaller actions that tried to help the Center for Autism and its residents, unfortunately without any tangible results can be seen today. We need clear, specific, big moves such as the construction of necessary new center for autism in Oporovac what the president of the City of Zagreb, Mr. Davor Bernardic said: "There is the 2010th year was supposed to be built a new center, but since the not the 2011th thematic session we held in the Assemblyat which we define terms and set out in the regional plan modification Oporovac to center could be built in a year. Hopefully the new city administration headed with me to realize this new center "
Today's gathering was attended by the Ambassador of autism and a friend of the Center for Autism Zlatan Zuhrić Zuhra.
1314Initiate action we want to ensure adaptation of the largest living spaces for people with autism in the City of Zagreb and adapt it to the conditions appropriate to the lives of people with complex support needs. "Adults with autism need their home, not just a place to live, a place where professionals take care of them. They have a right to live in the community, respect for their human and civil rights, while not easy to provide them access to those rights. In the opinion of the European Parliament (Declaration on the Rights of Persons with Autism, Strasbourg, 1992.) And the United Nations (2007. Proclamation of World Autism Awareness Day - April 2), they are one of the most socially excluded groups of people: told us that Ms Anita Dražetić Association of "Rain Man."
1516The mission of the Association "Rain Man" was to provide tangible support to users of the Center for Autism in Zagreb, and thus indirectly the Center for Autism in ensuring the best possible for their rehabilitation and for their possible quality of life, a chance to live their lives with dignity in the community and generate minimal human and civil rights. With all the love and efforts of parents, they at some point in their lives are no longer able to live in the family. Were they necessarily need a professional and appropriate professional support, as well as a replacement for a home that they lost.

1718Thanks for your help, and you want to participate in our mission:
"Provide exemplary home for people with autism."
Bank account for payments from abroad:
IBAN: HR6223600001101561227


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